About us

Momicox bvba

International experience

We have worked with companies all over the world. We can easily blend in the company culture and help you grow your business.

Business development

Results, business development and business growth is not just all about the numbers but also about the people.

Cultural Experience

Our team has a lot of experience working with different cultures and helping overcome significant cultural differences.

Green energy

Experienced in working in the green energy market, selling Electrical Vehicles (EV's) charging & solar equipment internationally and developing business in this industry.

Want results?

Business performance!

Boost performance by eliminating interference to unlock the full potential of the company.

Satisfied Clients

87% of business clients, confirm a business growth during as a result of working with us.


Make sure budgets are planned wisely with maximum ROI based upon realistic and clear goals.


We are specialized in sales services for companies in the EV charging systems industry & technology related to renewable energy.


What our clients say

Michel is an honest and intelligent man. That helps him to become a very knowledgeable advisor in making this...
Vice President Of Product Development at Lightmotion BV
It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Michel Cox. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michel for...
Founder & CEO at Excellence Energy, Ltd.
William Chiang
I enjoyed working with Michel during my service at Lite-On Group. Together we finished many strategic sales & marketing...
Senior Manager at Accenture Strategy
I have been working with Michel over the past three years now and enjoyed the professional relationship very much....
Head of Product Management Access Control
I only worked with Michel for a short period as being one of his primary customers in the EV...
Result driven commercial senior manager building and leading successful teams in dynamic and complex environments.
Michel has more than ten years of experience of working for Taiwan headquartered technology companies. He has good understanding...
Founder at 1Terra / aiox Company
I had the pleasure and honor to work with Michel for almost 3 years. During that time Michel first...
Entrepreneur marketing & sales | DACH & Azië (Taiwan & China) | 3-Talig | development/sourcing |
Michel is very familiar with European markets and he had done an excellent jobs finding potential large customers when...
AVP at Sysgration Ltd.
Michel is responsible for business developemt and sales for EU market when we worked together in LiteOn. Before LiteON,...
Chief Product Officer at Wistron Neweb Corporation
Michel is a very enthusiastic person and always full of ideas. In the 5.5 years that I had the...
Sales Manager PG Solar Benelux at ABB
Michel is an energetic visionary with vivid spirit urging to make a positive change in the lives of the...
International Business Developer B2B
Henrique Braun
Michel is a passionate, honest, energetic and mature business leader with excellent interpersonal and presentation skills. He is always...
Chief Operating Officer at Ecomanda AG
Michel has a true professional attitude and granted an extensive support to costumers and distributors at any level. His...
MC & Telematics specialist ; remote diagnostics apostle
Highly recommended! Michel is one of the best district sales that I’ve ever worked with. He is very open-minded,...
Manager at Delta Electronics